The Haunted v. Le Castle Vania

“D.O.A.” v. “Messiah”


Marilyn Manson v. Don Diablo & Noisia

“Disposable Teens” v. “Hooligans (Noisia Remix)”

Metallica v. Ratatat

Master of Puppets v. Mumtaz Khan

Slayer v. Kraddy

“Raining Blood” v. “Android Porn”

Jedi Mind Tricks v. Boreta

“Heavy Metal Kings” v. “Bubblin’ in the Cut”

Evil Nine v. Bassnectar

“All the Cash” v. “Timestretch”

Rob Zombie v. The Glitch Mob

“Dragular” v. “Fistful of Silence”


*EDIT: October 26*

Now Glitch Mob Approved!