Aerosmith v. STS9 & The Glitch Mob

“Rag Doll” v. “Beyond Right Now (The Glitch Mob Remix)”


P.O.D. v. Deftones

“Youth of the Nation” v. “Change (In The House of Flies) [Claw Remix]”

Darcy Warcy

New things soon, i promise. For now feel free to get acquainted with this lady’s work. It’ll make sense eventually. Big things on the horizon (hopefully), sit tight.

Angels & Filth™

If you dont already know, Angles & Filth is a beast. Now go and get skool’d on how Thrash Ups are suppose to sound, word.

Slipknot – “Psychosocial” v. Neus “Blast (UltraKyd Remix)”



expect our paths to cross soon 😉


Crazy Town v. edIT

“Butterfly” v. “Pound 4 Pound”

Killswitch Engage v. Kraddy

“The End of Heartache” v. “No Comply”

DevilDriver v. Skrillex

“Clouds Over California” v. “My Name Is Skrillex”